Adding a youtube video

Simply trying to add a YouTube video. It asks for a video ID, which is simple, but I can’t figure out how to input it. Can’t I just add the url or ID? The menu I get when I click on video ID opens a drop down that starts with things like “Current User, do a search for, get data from an external API, etc…” I am simply trying to add the url or ID to pipe in video. Nothing fancy or complicated. Please advise.

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Just copy paste the video id. That’s this part: -> AatnixKsbsw


Thank you for the assistance. I completely understand the video ID part. Where do I paste it to? Nothing in the documentation gives a path. Can you please share the path for where to paste the video ID so the video will upload and play?

Just paste that in the property editor, below picking ‘youtube’


Thank you. First few links I tried were bad. Much appreciated.

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I nested the video box nested inside of a repeating group. Apparently, this is causing my video not to load. Am I doing something wrong or Bubble does not like when you place a video box inside of a repeating group? I’m trying to accomplish horizontal scrolling of video’s.


Youtube has changed their links to .be

My video does not play if I add their new link nor the suffix to your Video Id:

Does Bubble have a support person to help? I looked at the manual and the videos. Thank you,

Custom plugins like video js player are good alternatives while you wait for bubble to update their own stuff.

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