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Issues with showing videos


So I’m trying to do one of the following:

  1. let the user upload a video and then have the player play that video
  2. let the user to input a video url and have the player play that video

I’ve failed miserably in trying to get any of those to work since the Video module only have Youtube/Vimeo integration and requires a video ID, and If i use an HTML module than the input doesn’t allow me to input the whole embedded iframe code and doesn’t display it.

What will be the best way to go about it?

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Our video element is for videos hosted on Youtube or Vimeo. It takes an ID from them. So it’s not surprising that what you’re trying to do doesn’t work. At this stage you want to ask your users to upload videos on youtube or vimeo and use the ID that they’d provide.

If that’s an issue (and I can see it would be one :smile:) get in touch with us. We can work on adding the Youtube API to enable users to upload to Youtube from the bubble app. Email us if you want to talk about it.

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Thanks Emmanuel.

Is there any option to capture a video thumbnail still image. For example, a user inputs video id, and I show a a still image of the first frame as an image next to the video name/description?


The Youtube API might provide this, but we’d need to add it. Right now we support the Youtube API but to get the videos uploaded by the user, if he authenticate with youtube.

Get in touch if that’s important, we can talk about adding it.

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Hi Emmanuel

Just wondering if there has been any progress expanding out the YouTube API to include uploading through a bubble app?


No not really, esp since we have Ziggeo now.