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Multiselect dropdown - including "All" tag

With the multiselect dropdown plugin, with dynamic choice, how would one go about implementing a tag called “All”. Where if selected, it would include/assume all the tags. Ideally, if “All” was selected already, if I were to click to add another tag, “All” would be de-selected automatically, and the new tag would be added (since it doesn’t make sense to have “All” and another tag). But this is minor.

For now, just want to find out if there is a way to include “All” tag.

Any ideas? @emmanuel ?

Think this is a great plugin, btw.:slight_smile:

You can use the same technique as here …

I have experimented with a Condition on the group if it contains “All” - but can’t get it to work. Maybe a bug. The idea was to change the source if there was an “All” so you can’t select any more.