Adding an attachment to the message

I have a template for the marketplace app. The users can exchange messages with each other. How do I add a function that allows the users to send attachments with the messages?


Set up a field of type file in your data type

In the UI use a file uploader input to upload files and then save them to your data type entry.

Examine how authors have built this type of UI as part of messaging templates built and made available by the in the Bubble templates marketplace. Templates are a great way to learn.

Hope this helps :+1:t2:

Thanks, cmarchan,

I will give it a try. Being a novice, looking at the templates data it is overwhelming but I think I will eventually learn.

Different ways to go about learning, … coaches, teaching courses, teaching sites, self taught, etc.

What is most important is to burn the midnight oil and have fun doing it :+1:t2: