Adding categories from a table to a drop-down

I’m hoping this is a quite simple one (I’m a beginner!)

I have two separate inputs on two pages which create two Data Tables. One is Themes and the other is Ideas.

When submitting an Idea, I want there to be a Drop-Down which is populated by the Themes.

How do I pass the Themes to the relevant drop-down when creating an Idea? TIA

Based on your screenshot, you seem to be on the right track. The option called “Option caption” is the field that is actually shown in the dropdown (you’ll probably put the name of the theme in there).

Is the one you set up there not working as expected?

Like this?

I just tried that and I still don’t get the options from the other table sent to the Drop-Down.

I’m not 100% I understand what you mean by “sent from the other table”. Is the theme saved in the database yet? Or do you mean that you want to fetch unsaved info from another form?

The themes have already been saved in a table. So the options that are displayed in the drop-down should be pulled from that table. Nothing is unsaved.

Hmm, ok, I can’t see any obvious reason this doesn’t work. Care to share your app? I’d be happy to have a closer look.

Thank you to @petter for his kind help! Here was the solution:

You had a constraint in the search that was not filled out. As long as “Ignore empty constraints” is not checked, Bubble will treat that as a valid constraint, even if it will always be empty. After removing it, it’s working as expected.

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