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Another Dropdown Question!

Hi Everyone!

I’m having trouble with a DropDown…

I have a table of properties (tprop) with fields propid (ID), propadd (address), propblock (block ID) and proptype (property type).
propid is generated random string
propadd is addid from tadd
propblock is propid from tprop
proptype is typeid from ttype

2nd table (tadd) with fields addid, add1, add2, addpc (postcode)
addid is generated random string
add1, add2 and addpc are all text

3rd table (ttype) with fields typeid, typename, typetype
typeid is generated random string
typename is text
typetype is typeid from ttype

I have a form to create a new property and one of the drop downs is a list of properties with type “block”.
I managed to get a list of propid’s from tprop of just the properties that have proptype “block” but I really want to see add1, add2, addpc in the dropdown list so I can see what I’m choosing.

Hope that all makes sense, check out what I’ve done here



A little difficult to follow without screenshots or better still a link to your editor, but if I’ve understood you correctly, I think you should be able to just set the option caption on the dropdown to add1 to see the value of add1 in the dropdown.

Why are you generating your own unique ids and using then to link the tables when Bubble will do all this for you ?

You are making life a lot harder for yourself.

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I can’t see the bubble generated id in app data to check that what I think should happen is in fact happening.
Why is it more difficult to reference a generated number rather than a bubble unique id?
I need to show a list of addresses of properties, each property only has one address, but the address may change. I want to use the property id not the address id.
Thanks in advance for your help.

The add1 field is in the tadd table, the dropdown is looking at the tprop table.
I want to use the propid field from the tprop table when a selection is made in the dropdown, but I want the list to show add1 from the tadd table, at the moment it has a list of addid’s from the propadd field in the tprop table.
Hope that’s clearer!

This would be easier if you have the field on tprop as TYPE tadd - rather than linking them together with an id manually.

That way you can have the dropdown as tadd, showing the add1 field, and do the search pulling back tprop’s tadd.

Bubble links tables itself by having a field type of the table you want to link to as the field type.

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Thanks, that solves it completely, didn’t realise you could do that!
I’m glad I found out now before I got too far with the build.
Mightily impressed by your commitment to the forum.

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