Filter 'Do a search' using an input fields

I am creating a form. The first input in the form is an option set.
The next input is a dropdown that shows a list from a dataset. I want the input from the first option set be used as a constraint to filter the ‘do a search’ in the next field. But i am unable to choose the input field type. See screenshot.

Please share the data structure for customer_accounts, specifically the field of customer_account_type

Also please share the setup for the dropdown option, specifically the data source and content type settings.

Could be that these two are not the same.

Additionally, try refreshing your browser…there is a known long standing bug that has gone unfixed for quite some time now that makes it so that if we change the datasource of an element like a dropdown and attempt to use it as a source as you are, Bubble doesn’t update the type of data and so it shows as incompatible, but a refresh of the browser fixes the issue.

Thanks for your prompt response!

Refreshing the browser did not help.

What about the dropdown?