Adding inputs for matching hobbies

I want to have users be able to type in individual inputs such as “golf” or “hiking” for hobbies and they are to be put in small circle or rectangular shapes. I want these inputs to then only match people with those that have similar hobbies listed. How can I do this?

Hi @masandhu

you can achive these small circle/rectangular shapes with Multiselect Dropdown plugin.

For the matching implementation, you could create a field on User called Hobbies that would be a list of hobbies (and a Hobby is a seperate data type or option set. The Option Set is the way to go if you have fixed number/types of hobbies )

Then it depends on the type of matching you want:
if you want to match when any of the hobbies of other user contains any of the hobbies from the input, you need to, ex. in a Repeating Group, do a search for users whose hobbies intersect (that’s one of the options when doing a search) with the list of the hobbies that were provided in the input.

If, on the other hand, you need the exact match, you use “contains list” operator, which only returns yes if the first list contains all the entries from the second list.

I’m pretty sure that will do the job, but for everyone’s reading, please correct me if I’m wrong

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