Adding keys to the same parameter

I’ve designed a fancy “home-type” filter see below, instead of a multi-select option. However, I’m not faced with the problem of adding multiple keys to the same parameter.

Every home type is a different button and I’ve added a parameter in the URL for “htype” and add “villa” once a villa button is pressed but when the same user then also adds a penthouse, the Villa in the “htype” parameter gets replaced with “Penthouse” instead of added. Is there a way to fix this?

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Hi there, @feike… one way to go would be to use a custom state (list) instead of using a URL parameter. When a button is pressed, add the button’s value to a custom state list, and use the custom state’s value to filter the homes.

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Hi @mikeloc, I’ve been trying to figure out what to do since you replied but I can’t figure it out.

You’re saying I should add a custom state list to the Repeating Group showing the homes correct? I’ve done this but how do you then add the button’s value* to that custom state list and then search that list to filter the Repeating Group?

  • = I’ve been trying to make a change to the custom state’s list added to the RG but cannot figure that out see screenshot added below.

Moveroof Website | Bubble Editor You can have a look around if that helps. I hope this works, never opened the editor to someone else.

You have opened your editor to everyone in edit mode, and I wouldn’t go that route if I were you (opening it up and posting a link to it in the forum, that is). I have an example set up in my sandbox, and I will post some screenshots in a bit.

Okay, this example is probably going to be more than you wanted, but here is how I would likely go about doing what you are trying to do.

First, I would start with an option set that defines the different home types.

Then, I would create a custom state at the page level, and I would link the custom state to the option set and also make the state a list. Note that my state is on the index page, and the state is called selected home types

For the filter buttons, I would show them in a repeating group, and the repeating group’s data source would be set to the option set.


When one of the buttons is clicked, I would have a workflow event that runs when the button’s associated home type is not already in the custom state list.

The action in that workflow event would look like this.

You would need a similar workflow event and action to remove the home type from the custom state list if the type is already in the list.

Finally, this constraint on the repeating group’s search for homes should produce the desired result of showing the appropriate homes based on the selected home types in the custom state.

I’ll have a look at all this. Thanks! I’ve set my buttons up as individual buttons so would have to figure out how to do the RG first. Thanks in advance!

Worked! Thanks a million! I’ve been struggling for long with this one…

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