Adding list items in Repeating Group

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User DB example:
Name: John
Product List : Product1, Product2, Product1, Product3, Product4
Qty List: 1,2,2,1,1

I would like to show them under one repeating group,
Repeating Group Example under John name:
Product 1 ----> 1 qty
Product2 ---->2 qty
Product 1 ----> 2 qty
Product3---->1 qty
Product3---->1 qty

I checked the forum but I did not find the right answer. I placed 2 RG on top of each other on design but I do not think it is right solution.

Is there any idea how to show it?


You’ll need to set up nested RGs.

So your main RG would be of type User (as mentioned under DB example)
and in each cell of this RG, create a group and insert another RG that has it’s data type as a list of numbers. The data source on this can be parent group’s User’s Qty List. The Group created will have it’s data type as User / current cell’s User.

On each cell, you can reference the Qty List number as current cell’s number and you can also reference the corresponding product as the Group's User's Product: item #current cell's index

Ranjit | Atomic Fusion

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