Repeating group for list of thing


Need help on populating data in repeating group with corresponding data into another data

I have created cart database which has field product qty , and product linked to product database

Another table order is created and has item as item as cart (list of thing)

I am able to save data in cart as individual product + qty line item

In order database cart are added as list of things

Now I want to show complete order once it’s placed on repeating group showing

Product ordered with qty

I am.unable to link list of thing (item) with cart individual order using do a search for function

I believe you want to display a repeating group in a repeating group

In the cell of your first RG, add another RG with data source set to “search”

Thanks Alex how do I populate data which is list in order database in rg

You can do “orfer’s carts” in the formula