Adding Multidropdown Search to Calendar


First post here, so if it’s in the wrong place, sorry!

I’m trying to use the Multi Drop Down search to show events in the Calendar.

Currently, there is a datatype which has a field which is a list of dates.

I’d like to be able to let the user search for another field in the datatype, then show those corresponding dates in the calendar.

Everything seems fine, however the calendar won’t show the date field, only creation & modified date. Any ideas?



If you are referring to start time field / end time field in Calendar element property editor, those do not support ‘list of dates’ fields. You can create 1 entry in the database for each date and then search on all the dates so they display in the calendar. Alternatively, you can also create a daterange type field which will be available in the start time field dropdown.

Hi Neerja!

Thanks for your reply, that’s exactly what I was referring to.

Do you know of a good alternative to be able to do this? I really need to somehow be able to display a list of dates in a calendar.

Many thanks,


Hi Rory, are all the dates in 1 list field within 1 database entry or can you create multiple entries containing 1 date each? If it’s the latter, the calendar will automatically show all dates when you do a search on the thing and select the date field from dropdown.

They are in 1 list field within 1 database entry.
Currently, taking for example, I have a Users Availability.
The user has a list of dates which are the days they are available.
I would like to be able to add these to a calendar view.



If these are not sequential dates, create a separate ‘availability’ data type where each time user selects a date, a new database entry is created and the calendar searches on this thing for current user. Separately, you can make the list field on User object a ‘list of availabilitys’ but the calendar will not search on this field.