Adding new fields in a form when required

I have searched this in the forum, and from the suggestions already given in responses I cannot get this to work properly, so thought I would raise this again.

I am trying to create a form where the user is able to click a ‘+’ button to add another field or row below the existing one. For example, if they were listing their favourite movies, instead of my listing 5 fields for 5 entries, I could create 1, and allow users to add as many as they like.

How can I achieve this? I’d appreciate if someone can help with a step by step approach (the ones I have tried previously did not seem to get it to work for me).


Hello, thanks for your post! You’d need to create a repeating group, with conditional visibility for data or inputs depending on whether data exists. You can then create new rows in the repeating group by creating new data items, and updating inputs in the row can update the newly created cell’s data.

Feel free to email us at if you need any more help with setting this up!

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