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Hey Everyone,
New to Bubble, been fun so far. I have a form that could have 1 or many rows depending on what the user has. Each row is the same fields but would have different information in each field. I guess the best way to describe it is it’s a table and each cell is a field, the user can fill out one row of the table or many rows of the table.

What I want to do is have one row when the user gets to this page. If the user clicks “Add Row” then another row will populate. Nothing is saved to the database until the user hits “Save Form”. Currently, I have it to where the form is an object in my db. This form has many “rows”. I’ve identified a row as another class and this class has multiple fields that are associated with each row.

Probably not explaining this well but is there a way for me to get this working properly? I have the user clicking “Create New Form” takes them to the form page, I create a new form with 1 row and then let the user create as many rows as they want.

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Collapsing repeating group setting

Repeating group source as main datatype for this example let’s use “estimate”

Inside datatype estimate let’s have a type called “rows” that link to the estimate

Repeating group source will be rows -> do search for “rows” with conditions as Current page or current group “estimate”

You’ll have an add button for adding a new “rows” make sure you have that saved with the estimate unique Id

Awesome. Think it’s working but now when i hit “add row” it clears all previous rows’ data. That would be awful if you fill it out completely and realize you need one extra row.

And thanks for the response.

can you send the edit link? I’ll setup real quick for you

Maybe this template is doing what you want:

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