Adding phone number for log in?

Hey guys, I currently have a registration page that takes in a new user’s email, password, and phone number. The login page is currently set up so that it takes the b the email and password. I am trying to also add an option where users can also log in with their phone number. In the three pictures below, you can see how it is currently configured (first one is current log in page with email/pass, second is when you click on log in with phone (the one I am having trouble fixing), and third is workflow for log in phone). I’d appreciate help with this.

Sixth time…

answer the question and I’ll stop asking it.

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No one will answer if you keep spamming the forum with the same question over and over (you’ve already had multiple answers to this question - if you’re not happy with the answers then continue the same thread, but if you keep posting the same question they’ll just get reported as spam and no one will even see them).

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Yup, what Adam said for sure. That being said, someone else asked the same question the other day, and I pointed them to the following thread (which is exactly what they needed). There are a number of other posts on this topic, too, which is why Johnny suggested you search the forum.

The bottom line is that if you want someone to be able to sign in with a phone number, you need to turn that phone number into an email address on the back end, and there will still need to be a password.



I looked through those posts and wasn’t able to understand how to do it. Essentially, I have a registration page that takes a new user’s email, pass, and phone number so it’s in the system. I want to have two log in options, one by typing in your email and pass that’s already registered in system and the second option being by phone where you type in your number (also in system) and then get a verification code. Through those posts, there aren’t any actual pictures that go through how to set that up, and I am confused which is why I keep on asking for assistance.

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I’m going to close the duplicate threads and keep this one open. For searchability, we’d really like to keep one thread per topic. Thanks!


why answer the question when you close duplicate threads right?

This isn’t something I’ve personally done, so I’m not in a position to answer the question. My responsibility as a forum moderator is to make it easy for conversations to happen. The best way to make sure people can find what they’re looking for is to keep conversations focused in one thread. I’m hopeful someone will be able to pop in and answer your question, but to improve the chances of that happening, keeping it contained to one thread is the way to go.

I’d also say this: by default, Bubble is set up to work using email and password…not phone number. Any method that leverages phone numbers instead of email is likely to be considered a “workaround” and not something I’d expect the Bubble team to provide support for. If you aren’t getting the answer you’re looking for from the forum, it might be worth grabbing a bit of time from one of the folks that provide coaching services so they can work with you one-on-one.

I hope you’re able to get this resolved, and I hope my explanation makes sense. Best of luck!

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