Creating a Login with phone number only

Hey all,
Just wanted to touch on the login in with phone number question I have seen others raise here in the past.
Obviously there are only hacks and work arounds so far and I was wondering if I could get some users with experience to sound off on the best method to go about this?

Right now I feel I’ll need to create a dummy email for each user and am wondering how this will work regarding login out and back in and also resetting passwords…

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Here’s a hint: Why is a User synonymous with an email? (This is true, BTW.)

What is it about a User’s phone number that is similar to a User’s email address?

(Cheat code: The answer rhymes with “walidation”.)

You can use Auth0 and SMS.


I asked as similar question before, could just do it using the :append method which is quite seamless, I used that and didn’t encounter any problems with regards to anything else.



Hey Keith thanks for the reply. I’m a little thick this morning.
I’m guessing the answer is validation but I still don’t quite get it

Hey Nigel good to see you… I’ll have a look at oauth thankyou

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