Adding Phone number through the app to the database

Hi, I am working on a project where I need the user to add their phone number to my app which need to be stored in the database. In the Input field, the content format ‘US Phone’ is selected. But when I am adding an phone number on the app, that phone number is not getting stored in the database. Can I get some help with this matter please?


You should be able to just set the value of the Input Work Phone and leave it alone, without then having to say “Input Work Phone’s value is (More…)”.

Does it turn blue if you remove the “is (More…)”?

It is not turning into blue. See screenshot

What is the format of the Company Phone variable? Is it a text field?

No, it is US Phone, which brings it in US Phone format. Should I change it to Text or Number field?

The question is what is the ‘Type’ of the ‘Company Phone’ field in your database…

I’m guessing it’s ‘Number’?..

You need to change that to ‘Text’

hey @ashish.ramdin field type change number or input works phone’s value converted number.

Developer At Trynocode

You can’t store a phone number as a ‘Number’…

Phone numbers are NOT numbers, and if you try to store them as such it won’t work.

A phone number is a string (text), that just happens to use numerical characters… but they are not numbers, and should not be treated as such.


Thanks for the help guys. The issue is solved

Hello! Why is there only US Phone? If I need other phone number options, what do I do?