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How to save phone numbers in DB?

Saving a Users phone number is not working because the default phone number option is for US phone numbers, but I am in the UK. A standard UK number looks like this:

+44 01323 123456 (landline)
+44 0777 123456 (mobile)

I have tried saving as text, but I get an error:

This thread suggests saving phone numbers (as text) and prepending them with a [+][countrycode][phonenumber] . How do I add a [+], I mean where do I add that?

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What ‘type’ is your phone number field in the db? And what ‘type’ is the input set to? In any case there’s obviously a mismatch there.

As you say, phone numbers should be saved as a text (they are not numbers).

If you want to add “+” then you can just add that before the input’s value.

Although there are a couple of plugins for formatting and displaying phone numbers that are worth looking at (one by Zeroqode and one by BDK).

There is no input value field?

No, I mean you save it in the workflow when you write to the database.

Or are you not worried about saving the + to the database and only want to display it in the input?

I’ve tried to add a ‘+’ sign (see arrow below) but it won’t accept it?

As long as your phone number field is s text (which it should be) then it should work.

(make sure you click in the dark grey box before the input’s value and not on it)


Ah got it, thank you. I think it was just fiddly to add the ‘+’ to the string but when I deleted and did it again it worked.

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