How to send number data to a page

Hi all! I am trying to set this up but I’m running error codes for the (phone) number inputs. What do I need to do instead?

nophone no

Thanks in advance!

Add formatted: as a number at the end (assuming your data-type is a number).

In your database whats the type for the field? Is it Text or Number? For the input box what is the format, Text or Number? make sure the input matches the database otherwise do the formatted: as a number like @GH5T said.

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Thanks @GH5T & @tylerboodman , here’s what I’m getting.


Both field type and input boxes are formatted as numbers, too.
numbers formatted



It’s a mismatch of ‘types’ - i.e. your database fields are ‘numbers’ but the input values are 'texts… they need to be the same.

I wouldn’t recommend saving phone numbers in the database as ‘Numbers’ (they aren’t really numbers) - it’s much better to use ‘Text’ as the field type for phone numbers.

So I’d suggest deleting those fields and replacing them with text fields - then you can use the inputs as they are.

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What he said. I use my phone data types as a text.

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Okay, will do and many thanks to you all for the help!

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A follow-up, please. So while looking for answers to this, I found and followed the steps here and created a phone input with two fields, the country-code and the phone number itself.

How would I get both of them into my database together? Or do I have to do them separately and use expressions to string them together later when I want to display them on a page?

Thanks again.

Yea phone numbers are more text than actual numbers. People use the number field in the database when it’s a number that needs to be calculated, added to, etc.

Yea it seems Bubble only has the format option for a US Phone and no options for other countries or country codes. I think Zeroqode has a plug-in that supports auto detection for country codes and formats

Yes, I saw that too. I am just happy to do things inexpensively for now :grinning:.

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