Adding Service Worker & Offline functionality and converting to PWA

Hi Bubble Forum,

I’ve been doing some research and I’m looking to turn my mobile Web app into a Progressive Web App (PWA) - I’m looking to add a service worker to ensure maximum caching and increase response times and if possible add in an offline mode. Is this possible in bubble and if so drop me a message with your rate to complete this work. (I’ll also need a button on my main website that ‘downloads’ the PWA on to the users home screen.

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You can do it without code using for both Android and iOS.


Hi Sam,

This looks like it’s converting to an APK file rather than a PWA ? Am I missing something?

Hi @calum.work2

Feel free to check out - it’s a freelance marketplace we built just for no-code. All experts are vetted and we are strongly focusing on Bubble expertise. You can send requests, get proposals and chat with experts in your own dashboard. You will surely find someone qualified to finish your project in no time.



Did you try searching this forum? There are multiple posts on how to add a PWA

Can someone send a link to any discussion that answers how to send someone a link that allows someone to copy your app to their homescreen on their iOS or Android device?

I haven’t found it, and bubble support dodges the question.