Success in offline mode thru PWA?

Hi there just want to ask question. Is there anyone who had success in making their bubble app to behave like native app thru PWA? Tried the pwabuilder but I can’t make it to service worker to work. Can’t access it offline

Bubble apps do not currently work offline.

Hi there, just looking if someone has successfully made PWA bubble app leveraging the service worker/cache capabilities of PWA.

Hi @shu.teopengco

Offfline is a complicated thing, which is probably why nobody even talks about it. You can build an application and use browser storage (max 10k) to store data and then compare once online, even this can be very “difficult”. If your application is already open, it may be possible to be offline, but everything will be based on the browser cache. Unless I’m missing something, there’s no automatic integration yet.

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Not yet sure how but as I can see in my browser, Gmail webapp uses PWA service workers and caching in the browser storage about 35mb in my browser. I can also access the cached datas then syncs/updated based to the database when goes online


If the offline application is important to you, create a plugin with @vini_brito

Offline plugin


This will come handy when the time comes that I really need it.

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Doesn’t browser manage the offline bit in case of PWA? If yes, then how does it matter whether Bubble supports offline or not?

From what I understand while using PWA, browser is instructed to access some pages/data while being online, and then then store it locally so that it can be served when offline. Is this understanding right?

If yes, how does Bubble become bottleneck here?