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Utilizing Service Workers (or whatever) to Allow Offline Capabilities

I have an app that is starting to be utilized on a regular basis in my community. My customers would like to be able to use it when out of cellular service (about 20% of the time). In order to do this the app would need to cache some information ahead of time, store data while offline, and they synch when back in cellular/WiFi range.

Is this possible to do? I have been researching service workers, but the discussion on this forum seems to surround using them to simply add a button on users’ home screens. Is offline functionality a bridge too far for Bubble? Has anyone had any success using their Bubble apps offline?

I am also interested. Did you get any response?

Hey! No, not at all. I ended up starting a satellite internet service line so my well-heeled customers could use the app anywhere.

Genl idea is that u can implement in app#2 just the front end of a proxying Web app AND you can config the precaching so that the cache loads from the working, online set of urls (bubble app). These preloaded urls serve when the app#1 is off line . see workbox api

effectively nothing more than a proxy mapping workbox set to the real bubble set of urls.

Well Rick, I think thats a great move. :star2: