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Adding Tax on Subscription via Stripe.js 2

Hey, there! I configured everything to create a customer, attach the payment, create subscription (charge automatically), and everything in between. All works as expected.

However, can’t seem to solve the tax issue. I followed the instructions in the post from @mangooly here and it works, but doesn’t add the tax rate to the first charge, only subsequent charges.

My workflow is (after collecting payment method info to user on previous screen)…

  • Stripe - Customer - Create
  • Stripe - Payment Method - Attach
  • Stripe - Customer - Update
  • Stripe - Subscription - Create

I can’t actually add the tax rate to the subscription until it’s created, but the subscription, when created charges the first amount.

Can I use the above linked method to assign the tax rate to the customer instead? Or is there another workaround that I might be missing?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @givrco,

You need to use the API to add the right tax rate. If I remember correctly, the stripe plugin does not work for tax. You need to create another step and apply the right Tax rate through the API. I’m on holiday right now, so when I come back I’ll check this out.


Thanks, @mangooly !

That’s what I did on this side (and successfully so, so thanks!), but it just applies it to subsequent subscriptions and not the first one. So if my subscription is $1.00 a month, it charges $1.00, but then I see all future subscriptions include the 6%, so it’s $1.06.

Just trying to think through ways to make it work on the first subscription and what workarounds I might need to do based on the above workflow.

Hope your holiday is well!

Sorry for the late reply @givrco.
Make a first subscription of $0 and then Make a subsequent 'Make change to subscription of $1 with the the appropriate tax rate.

Hope that helps.