Stripe (Bubble) tax/ vat not applying


Suddenly (maybe after the SCA) the Stripe (Bubble’s) plugin, when starting a subscription for a user, tax is no longer applied. The amount charged is the bare sum, not + tax/ vat.

What happened? I already have a tax specified in the Stripe Dashboard: Billing -> Tax Rates.

Any clue why it doesn’t apply to the payment?


Hi there,

They´ve replied me that it´s not an option in the version 3.

If you´ve found anything let me know.

Thanks for replying @ryanck. I will let you know as soon as I find anything on it. Right now I have to manually go into Stripe -> created invoices and add a tax thing to each user. Pretty boring…

Hello @kris,

I think you have to do it manually via the API connector but I don´t know how.

@ryanck Me neither, that’s why I am using Bubble and not coding stuff. :upside_down_face: Hope Bubble just adds a field to insert tax id or something to the workflow. My life would so much less boring :slight_smile:

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