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Adding tax/VAT to subscription on stripe (API or Stripe.js 2)?

Anyone know how to add tax to a subscription through the API connector or through Stripe.js 2? Going crazy here trying to find it…

This is how you would manually add tax to a subscription on Stripe


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Following this - I had put in a forum post a few weeks ago regarding tax in Stripe… Got nothing :frowning: In V3, the option isn’t even there last I checked.


Is that for the Bubble stripe plugin or the Stripe.js 2 plugin?

@mangooly Bubble Stripe plugin. Other than the tax thing, it’s been working nicely for me. I wound up adding a blanket 8.25% increase on my subscriptions to circumvent the tax. So, if one of my plans was $1000/month, I’d make it $1082.50/month. Obviously not the best since California has 8.75% tax… but oh well :joy:

Hi or anyone else who is interested,

I’ve finally worked out how to apply tax rates to Stripe subscriptions through the Bubble API Connector :+1:

1/ If you don’t have an API for Stripe setup in Bubble then thats the first step you need to take, using the API Connector. I already had it setup to perform other tasks like deleting cards or subscriptions.

2/ Once you have the Stripe API setup in Bubble you have to create a new API call ‘Add another call’ with these parameters. Remember to use real values so that you can ‘initialise call’ and check that everything works.

3/ Create your tax rates in Stripe. When you create new tax rates you can also decide if they are inclusive or exclusive,

1€ +0,25€ (25% tax) = 1,25€
0,75€ + 0,25€ (25% tax) = 1€

4/ Create an option set for the different countries and add the tax ids from Stripe.

You can copy the option sets from this page and then apply the tax id’s from Stripe,

4/ Create a new action in the new subscription workflow so that you can apply tax. If you are only adding one tax rate then you can literally add it as a static id, if you need to apply tax rate depending on country of customer just add the dropdown where user selects the specific country from the country option set. Remember to apply the field ‘Stripe-tax-id’ and not Display.

Thats pretty much it. When the workflow creates a new subscription for a customer it will apply the tax rate according to the country the user selects in the dropdown.


@mangooly Very nice!! Thanks for the in depth tutorial - When I get back around to that app, I’ll get this done RIGHT. :slight_smile:

Thank you for that :slight_smile:

Hi @mangooly thank you very much. I got everything working, but I couldn’t add the tax with the Bubble original Stripe plugin. Did you try to update the subscription ID? Thanks a lot.

We’ve developed a checkout based on Stripe enhanced by a sales tax layout.
A customer asked us to develop a Bubble plugin for him, so, I think this one can replies to this post:

Hi @chrisstrobl,

Sorry for the late reply. This is using the API, not the Bubble original Stripe plugin. I have no experience using this plugin.

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Thank you! @nicolas.guillemain this looks really promising.

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Thank you @mangooly for your reply.

You can also use JS Snippet to automatically calculate taxes on checkout and add invoicing handling automatically on your bubble development.

A plug-in is soon coming on Bubble.