Help with organizing users in my app

I’m creating a project management app, and need to figure out the best way to organize users. I have users that create projects, and I need them to be able to add other existing users or invite new users to the project. Each user has a different role, such as contractor, architect, engineer, etc. Right now, I have a project field set up that is a “List of Users” for each role such as Contractor, Architect, etc. I’m struggling though with the workflow and how to add these users to these lists. Any ideas? Am I going about this the right way, or should I rethink this? Thanks!

Hi @blake1,

As you’ve probably learned, there are many different ways to do things in Bubble - especially when it comes to structuring your database. What you’ve set up should work well if you expect each project to involve a list of people of each role.

In general, to add a person to one of those user lists, you’ll need to “make a change to project” and then modify each list field:

Contractors add list users A-C
Architect add user D

Adding other existing users will be an easier process because you can have your users search for them. Keep in mind that inviting new users will mean you “Create an account for someone else” , which you’ll have to then have to give them a way to set their password (you can assign them a temporary one)…OR just invite them to sign up themselves which could auto-add them to the project.

These are high-level explanations, I know, but I hope this keeps you moving forward. Try tackling each piece one at a time, and if you get stuff, post back here!

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@romanmg, thanks!

I get to the “make change to a project” and then select the list field, but there is no "Add’ option. I’m trying to set it up with a popup to add a user to the project. You enter the person’s email, first name, last name, and submit. The workflow is setup to “Create an account for someone else”, but return the user if they already exist. The next step in the workflow needs to add that newly created or existing user to the contractor’s list of that project. However, when I try and make changes to “Current Project’s Contractors” it tells me I’m making changes to list of users and doesn’t let me add the new or existing user to the Contractor’s list. Does that make sense?

Right, the thing to change is the project itself, as you are updating a field within that project record. Then, you select the Contractors list as the field to change.

For example:

Ah, thanks! I was going too deep on the Thing to change! I’ll see if that works.

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Another hangup:

I have created a thing called “User Roles”. I have created a text field for Users called “User role”, and created a page to edit the User profile with a dropdown with dynamic data from the “User Roles” thing. However, I cannot make the default value of the dropdown equal to the current user’s assigned role. If the user updates his profile without selecting a user role, it ends up being blank when saved. I can require that the dropdown not be blank, but then you would have to select your user role everytime you updated your profile. Any ideas?