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Adding the custom marker on the map instead of address field

Good day. I would like to create an application, where people can share their impressions from travels and leisure, adding markers on the map according to different types of leisure activities on some places. While I can’t find any mapping tools for it besides typing the address. This method is not appropriate, because there are a lot of places don’t have addresses. How can I do this in Bubble?

Bubble stores both address and lat/long when you save “address”.

So you can use the “pindrop” method to store the address (exact lat/long + nearest address) - this uses the function of map’s centre address.

Search the forums for pindrop for useful tips on this.

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Dear Nigel,
Thank you, I searched for this. But, If I’m not mistaking, there is still no way to add address clicking on the map in the Bubble? I’ve found just fuction, how to convert coordinates to address, but it’s not convinient for the user to fill the input with latitude and longitude…

You can drop a pin at the centre of the map.

That has the exact lat/long and doesn’t need to be entered manually.