Displaying data on map via lat/long coordinates?

First day bubble user here!
I’d like to map out my data based on lat/long coordinates instead of by address. The lat/long are fields in my data model. Any suggestions?

If it is your first day, I’d suggest watching the bubble video tutorials found here:

I’d also first try searching the forum to see any threads that answer your question ( currently there are a few that talk about and solve this exact issue )

I’d also become aware of the free resources provided by other bubblers on how to do things…my favorite and most suggested is the youtube channel “coaching bubble” found here:

I am pretty sure there is a video tutorial on there about this topic as well. Just use the search bar when in the channel to search keywords about topics to see if there is a video or not.

The bubble reference and manual are also good things to get familiar with as well. Doing so will jumpstart your learning process.

If you are serious about learning bubble quickly I’d also suggest signing up for a course of some kind. I personally bought access to a load of courses for building “clones” of other well-known apps. Building along with the lesson made it so much easier to learn bubble and how to do things on it.

Here is a screenshot of the built in bubble function for using coordinates to get addresses

Then in the database you can do something like this

Screen Shot 2019-12-21 at 9.55.54 PM

If you need to take the data from a data model you have already uploaded into the bubble database…you can use dynamic data references to fill in the coordinates needed to translate an address

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