Work with latitude and longitude instead of addresses

Friends I’m operating with map and I would like to know how to work only with latitude and longitude without having to convert to addresses.
For example, using a GPS tracker, I obtain the latitude and longitude of the device and position the camera there.
Having to convert lat, lng to address I have no precision beyond consuming the Google service limit unnecessarily.

This is an issue I’m trying to find a solution for as well. Converting coordinates into addresses is simply too inaccurate for the items I need to view on the map. I’m really hoping to find a way to circument this behaviour in Bubble.

It is really hard to believe that the Bubble team simply ignored such a basic need.
Have you tried the free Leafy Maps plugin?
It works with lat, lng, for my current need there are still a few things missing, but I am checking with the developer about the possibility of adding my needs.
Maybe it’s enough for you.
Lucky there!

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I had an issue I submitted a bug report about in terms of inaccuracies. I was using lat/long from google that I obtained by clicking on a google map and using what’s here? feature to get coordinates.

Then in bubble I used those coordinates to create an address, but the address did not match the address in google maps for the same coordinates. Then I took the address created in bubble, placed it in google maps and obtained the coordinates for that address. Those coordinates did not match the ones used in bubble to obtain the address.

It was really strange. Couldn’t tell if it was because I was searching part of a city with duplexes.

The response was that there is something wrong with google maps that causes the addresses to be off by about 500 feet or so. I don’t really remember verbatim what the explanation was, but it seemed a deflection and the issue is unresolved. Part of the explanation included an idea that google maps is not too accurate on the initial setting and to avoid issues I should zoom in on google maps to obtain a more accurate set of coordinates for an address…hard part of accepting that portion of the explanation was I had already been zoomed in on google maps as much as I could.

I now don’t know what would be more accurate, to just use the simple address as entered by a user and turn it into coordinates for display purposes, or use coordinates entered by a user and turn them into an address.


To be accurate, an address cannot be used. When you simply search for a place this is not a problem, but the moment you point to a place in the middle of the street, for example, Google will provide the address of some business, residence, etc; nearest.

Thank you so much! This looks very promising. Hopefully exactly like the plugin I need. Do you know if the Leafy Map plugin is able to show multiple pins on a map based on the locations in a repeating group?

Quick question. Is it possible to connect the Leafy Plugin to a repeating group and show multiple markers? I only manage to show one marker at a time.

Hello, I’m so glad I could help. There is a plugin that performs actions repeatedly on lists and the like, unfortunately I don’t remember the name, but you will find it easily.
Good luck.

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