Adding users in bulk via CSV upload

Hi all,

Is there any way to upload Users to the Database on mass via a CSV upload and have it set so that every user has a password created. This would allow me to then email each user with their username and password. Or would the only way to do this be to create a simple sign up form where I would then need to add the users one-by-one?


@josh7 We have pushed this feature, where in editor > Data > App Data > you can upload a User type file and match columns to email and password fields


Good to know about and great additional feature. I had had to come up with some workarounds for this previously - makes things a bit easier.

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That’s amazing! Thanks Neerja :pray:

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Can new user be uploaded via CSV from workflows like this:

I want my user admin to upload new users and they won’t have access to the database


Am I missing something here? I am trying to allow for CSV upload for new Users but it seems as though that is not an option from available data types.

Every other data type on my app is an option except Users. Is this done on purpose by Bubble?

Is there any way around it (through privacy rules or something)?