Allow user to bulk create other new users

Hi all,

I’m building an app for educators. A teacher needs to be able to upload a list of students rather than adding them one by one. Does anyone have a good way to do this? The csv file they upload can come from a template spreadsheet that we give them.

The workflow I’m looking for is:

  1. Teacher downloads our template spreadsheet and pastes in their student info
  2. They upload the doc
  3. We parse the data and create a new account for each student
  4. Students get emailed password reset links to finish signing up

I tried to use Bubble’s CSV parser but it doesn’t allow you to upload the data type “user”. I created a temp user data type as a workaround (passwords aren’t uploaded, so everything can be stored as plain text). Unfortunately, I can’t find a workflow step that is create list of new things or create a list of new users. Sign another user up only allows for one user at a time so this isn’t feasible.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Look into Schduling an API Workflow on a list, you will need to be on a paid plan to do this.

Firstly go to backend workflows:

Then create a new endpoint with the parameter email:

Then add the action create an account for someone else using the Email parameter:

Now go back to another page and schedule this API workflow on the list of students you uploaded (your list of student emails):

This will perform the action for every student on the list. Hope that helps.


Thank you a ton for the detailed reply!

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Hi Jonathan,

The option (Type of things = Email List) isn’t available in the dropdown for me.

What have I done wrong? haha

Hi Steven, This is a data type in the database unique to an app. You can go to the database and create this data type with the field email and make this field type a text. Then when you upload a list of emails and run the workflows above it will create users in bubble. Hope that helps.

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Thank you. I’ll check that out dude.

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