Additional Image run-mode rendering option

The 3 options available is nice, but if i want to keep an image undistorted, no margins, and keeping element dimensions, like facebook?

The answer is, i think, that you center the photo within the element boundaries, and enlarge it till no margins is see.

Of course the downside is that the edges of the photo might be invisible, if image is not a square.

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Yes, this is what I want, too - just like Facebook. The image is zoomed so it fills out the element without distorting.

If the image isn’t the same size as the element (a square in FB’s case), you won’t see part of it, but that’s okay. This would be much better than all of the current options. Thanks!

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I definitely need this, too. This is a very common need anytime you’re seriously using images in an application.

@emmanuel would this be hard to pull off? I’m scouring trying to figure out how to do it with JS right now, which doesn’t seem right for such a common need.


+1 for this.

+1 for this as well! New to Bubble and would love that!

+3 :slight_smile: