[Bug #9094] Missing Image element properties

I might be misunderstanding something, but why would the image distort simply because one wants the element to maintain aspect ratio?

Has Bubble always worked this way? Any input appreciated.


Here’s the Bubble reference with the editor in the background…

Can someone explain where the run-mode rendering options are? I know I’ve seen them in the past. There is no style applied to this image, so there should be no properties hidden.

Am I overlooking something obvious? :confused:

You are right there is a bug. This option is available in my old image, I added a new one to try but no longer available.


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Thank you, @eren! I’ll send a bug report. At least I know I’m not losing my mind…yet. :smirk:

(Sometimes working with Bubble is like building on shifting sands. :slightly_frowning_face:)

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I agree, I have doubted my memory many times.

same here neolift

Bug report #9094 was filed April 12.

As of today, the ALT tag option has reappeared for me, but still no Run-mode rendering.

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