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Address dropdown from Postcode input

Hi there,

I hope this is super simple… new to Bubble so please bear with me.

I want the user to be able to enter “postcode” then find their address in the dropdown below.

Hi there,

Can you give a bit more information?

You want to populate address drop down with addresses based on postcode.

Are you using an API for that?

So do I understand it correctly, that when the user enters a postcode, you fetch addresses by an API (Google Maps?). If so is that part working?

Just for additional reference: Should the map element show the possible addresses first and then the selected one or only the selected one from the drop down.


Yes that’s all correctly assumed. I assume I need to use the Google maps api, I don’t know how to test this part, but I have added the API and API key.

The map would populate with the final selected address choosen from the drop down only.


I am facing the same problem. I want to integrate the postcode system for UK. Was there any resolution to this? If so, please share