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Adjusting database field default values

Is there a way to go back and edit the default values for your database fields?

What do you mean by default values? We don’t really have that concept (yet)


A user signs up on my website.

By default, they receive 100 experience points.

This would automatically be the default value of a field in the database

So right now you define that when you create a new user. We don’t have a default value concept, nor can’t change it. It’s on our list.

At this stage, the best way to change old users’ value is to create an admin page and change entries there (for instance, make change to a list of things).

As above, it is very simple to create a button on the admin page, and then do some defaulting. I have lots of these as am often adding fields that need defaults.

Whilst it seems like a “default” would be easier, I do frequently set up these fields programmatically with different values.

By keeping it under your control, you know what is going on !


looks like an admin page is my next project!

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