Facing issue in mobile app development

Hello everyone. I am facing issue while creating app in bubble. I get long vertical scroll on the pages .I don’t know why. I add image which explain easily. Can any one give solution how to fix it. I dont want vertical scroll if content is not much

Do you see this on the live version as well?

Yes, I there any height issue or other ?


If you are using groups, then set a main group to fixed height i.e 800px and underneath of this group create a blank hidden group with a fixed 800px. That way you can control your content content in another group where you need more longer data to fitted.

Hi Oleksiy

I want the if I have 2 line only then also I an facing scrolling. I don;t want the scroll. How can I remove the scroll.

The is no code solution to take the scrolling out in your app, without using a JS code. Unless somebody made a plugin already. Be aware that this will affect you other groups since you are using a single page app.

Yes , I am using single page app to develop multi screens

I appreciate your time and response. Thanks

Use Hero Sizing plugin to fix it. Search the forum for the details.

You don’t need any plugins to control bubble’s responsive engine. These add unwanted bulk. You just need to understand the logic behind it. Whenever you have a large ‘whitespace’ on screen, something is ‘there’ whether visible or not. There is a conflict in group heights. To eradicate or /fix the problem, always ensure that your groups are stacked - never overlap as this creates additional problems. A good workaround for your app would be to hold the green submit button in a floating group that is fixed to bottom.


The way I’m solving this is by creating a single page app with multiple groups (showing and hidding), and, specially, by COLLAPSING THE GROUP HEIGHT when hidden. This way, you can resize your group at the heigh you need to fit all yout content. No more, nor less.

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@tomas1 exactly that :v:


Thanks it help me lot.

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Thanks it help me lots .

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