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Im sorry if this is a dumb question but I am new to tech and it’s my first time building a no code app but I plan on wrapping my bubble app and then submitting my app to apple. Would I need to create an admin group onto my app? My app will be like a social media app where users can upload pics/vids and in order to monitor, delete or ban users will I need an admin group that is only visible to me?

You can have an Option Set called “Role” (found under the data tab) with two options, Standard and Admin. Add a field onto the User Data Type called “Role” and set its content type equal to the “Role” option set you created. Next to that field, set the default value equal to Standard. Then, for your account go manually into the database and edit your user and change their role to Admin.

Create a separate page where you can monitor stuff etc (your admin portal). Then on the header or whatever you use for navigation through your application, add a button or text from where you can navigate to the admin portal that you set up and make it not visible on page load and only visible if the Current User’s role is Admin. Now non-admins will not be able to navigate to the page and won’t even no it exists.

As an extra precaution, on the Admin Portal page you can add a workflow “Do when condition is true” and change the execution at the top to “Every time” and check if the Current User’s role is Standard and if it is, in the workflow add an action to navigate the User off the page. I’m not certain about the implications of this last part as far as workload units but it should give you the functionality you want. Conversely, you could make the condition “On Page Load and ONLY WHEN the Current User’s role is Admin”.

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Thank you! It was easy to set up :slight_smile: I

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