Admin and employee accounts

I’m creating an app where a user can upload a bunch of work instructions for his employees to access. Right now in my app, the user can create work instructions and access the created work instructions. But, what should I do if I want other people in the company to access those work instructions?

I’m unable to figure out the workflow for this. Please help.


You could change that role field in the user object to an options set and call it the same way. Then … create two roles. One for “supervisor” users and another one for “regular” users. The you can set a field in your user data type of type “role” (but this time it will not be a text and rather an options set). Finally, you can designate users role as either regular or supervisor and build a flow on page load to content only available to regular users (where they follow the work instructions) and other pages to content available to supervisor users (where they create the work instructions).

There are more elaborate ways to create a user role/type system with pages marked as private or not (via options sets as well), privacy rules, etc … but the above should get you started.

Best of luck with your project :+1: