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Hey Bubblers,

I am working on a task management app and struggling to map how to build it.

My data is broken up in:

  1. Projects (linked to Tasks)
  2. Tasks
  3. Users (linked to Projects and Tasks

Users will be granted access to projects and linked to tasks by a project manager and here is a screen for what I have in mind.

A project manager will be able to click the checkbox to add/remove a task from a user.
Where I struggle is how to build this table with the different RGs.

Any tips or helpful resources very much appreciated. :innocent:

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Maybe this blog article by @lachlankirkwood1 might help? How To Build A Trello Clone Without Writing Code


Hello @pierre.tillement,

Complementing @johnny great suggestion, please review the following:

It seems that nested repeating groups could do the trick.

First RG: tasks
Nested RG inside each row of the above rg tasks: lists the things that you check a checkmark for

Just a guide to spark ideas, please consider something like this:

Task thing with a title type text and a field with a list of subtasks
Subtask thing with a title type text


RG tasks with a nested RG of subtasks:

Hope this helps! :grinning:

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Thanks for this @cmarchan !

I have been looking in nested RGs but I still can’t seem to find a way to build what I want.
The thing is that I want a fixed column on the left with the users (full name) and a fixed header with the name of the tasks. Much like an excel table in a sense.

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Just managed to work on a solution for this one.

For reference, I’ve made a solution public in this editor here. Everything you need will be on the project page.

First, here’s how the database is structured.



  • Project name - text field


  • Project - project
  • Task name - text
  • Users needed - list of users


  • Name
  • Projects - list of projects

First, on your project page, add a repeating group to the left and have it search for a list of all the users whose ‘project’ contains the current pages project.

At this point, you’ll also want to sort this repeating group by their names in a descending order.

Next, you’ll add the repeating group that searches for tasks where the project equals the current page project.

Within that, you’ll add a group (in red) and change its type of content to be a task, and its data source to be the current cells task.


Now, within this group, you’ll add a nested repeating group with a user data type. Update its data source to search for users whose ‘projects’ contains the current pages project.

You’ll also want to sort this list by names in a descending order.

Within this repeating group, I’ve added a button with a cross as the default text.

From here, add a condition onto this text to recognise when the parent groups task, ‘users-needed’ contains the current cells user.

If this condition is true, we’ll update the text to display a tick.


Now finally, I’ve just added a dropdown within the task repeating group to allow me to select one user at a time who is required for this task. You could easily change the UX of this using a popup element or something similar.

The dropdown menu searches for all of the users whose current ‘projects’ contains the current pages projects.


When the ‘add as needed’ button is clicked, the workflow will need to make changes to a thing.

The thing you’ll want to change is the current cells task. Change the ‘users needed’ to now include the dropdown value.


This should do the job. The board in my editor is customisable like this.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you need anything else.


Exactly what I needed @lachlankirkwood1 :star_struck:

Awesome work @lachlankirkwood1!

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Thanks mate!

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