Admob on native app

Hello all!
I cant figure this out have been stuck for weeks! i just bought personal and would like to try admob on my native app, its unpublished yet, but i would like to view ads when someone presses start, i have made a popup for this and html element but i have really no idea how to do that, how do i start this? please if someone can help me out.


Same problem brother i Don’t know how to show industrial and reward adds in bubble ,
someone please help us out

its really strange does not anybody make with ads on bubble? seems strange, but hey how far have you come? im really stuck this stopps my launching

Hey, did you ever figure this out? I also have the same problem. My app is not published but I wanna put ads on it and see how it looks and all. Can you help?

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i think that you have to have a build and an app first to start using the admob, but i cant reply back when im finished! im soon done uploading to app store hopefully

Any success using admob in a wrapped native bubble app?

none :confused: you=?

If I’m not wrong it’s against Google Ads policy to show ads in this way. So even if you manage you’ll get banned from their platform.

Here’s a tutorial I wrote back in the day (deprecated now but could still be a good start): [TUTO] Integrate interstital / rewarded ads in your app

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