Put adsense ads to your bubble app

Hello i have this code i want to add from adsene, is it possible to do that to my native app or web app?

How do i put this code to use so the ad pops up when a button is clicked?

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I have not implemented but going through the forum, here are some of the things I have found it-

  1. You should be on Paid Plan.
  2. You should have used the custom domain otherwise google Adsense will not work.
  3. After adding the code, you have to wait for 24-48 hr to see the changes.

Step to add the Google Adsense-

  1. Go to Settings > SEO> Meta tags and add
  1. Add the HTML elements, where you want to show the google ads and dump the code that you got from Google.

Hope it works for you, let me know whatever the result. I am curious is it working or not ( Happy to schedule the zoom call, where we both can brainstorm ). @haydaar_05


I’m tearing my hair out with adsense. I’ve added the code for a Display Ad in an HTML element on a page. I did it several days ago and it’s been published to my live site.

There is just a blank on the page where the ad should be. I’ve been through the adsense troubleshooter and nothing seems out of place.

I’ve tried to get some support from Adsense but they don’t give a contact option, just direct you to their support forum.

Also been through the Bubble forum and looked at various posts and I still can’t see that I’m doing anything wrong.

Has anyone managed to implement a Display Ad (not auto Ads)?

hello ankur!

whats the difference between adsense and admob?
the app is going to go on appstore and google store, and as of now i havent been able to view anything :confused:

AdMob is used for native applications , so you should use AdMob in that case. AdSense is used for mobile web applications


yeah i have an account? do you know how to use it? is it only to paste the code in a html element? how will the ads be shown? you cant help a brother out :slight_smile:

Can someone please help me out with this…I am pasting HTML code from Google Adsense and I can’t get it to work and there is no support i can find anywhere thx people!

I have looked everywhere! Cant find this solution, been workin on my apps other feuters meanwhile. I mean every app has ads so that have to be the simplest thing to do

not approved thats why

But how would someone make money from ads? Really strange

social network

Have you guys fixed this issue? Otherwise maybe zoom?

“1. You should have used the custom domain otherwise google Adsense will not work.” what is the custom domain

Your own domain apart from Bubble sub domain .

yes I use my own, should this be https ?,

Hey, I’m having issues with adsense as well, getting this error message :

“URL must specify a valid top level domain” when trying to connect a new site on my adsense account.

My site url follows this type : “app.mysite.com” ; OVH domain being “mysite.com

I tried with only “mysite.com” , added the htlm code in the SEO settings and it does not work.