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AdSense or AdMob for a Bubble app wrapped into Native?

Hi Bubblers,

I’m looking to nativise my app using @gaurav and BDK’s method, where my app will be wrapped into iOS and Android compatible apps.

I want to monetise through ads; would I use AdMob (which I understand is for truly native apps) or AdSense (as my app is a webapp that is being wrapped)?


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Hi @mccjon

I experimented with Adsense considering that I had a webapp. However, there is no place to use without logging in the app, you can only access the login page. Adsense refused: the page is not available.

If you have pages that can be used without login, maybe you can use Adsense.


Thanks for that! :slight_smile:

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I’m having a issue with google adsense…
I have a Bubble app Native (it’s not wrapped yet but will be) and im trying to implement google adsense in it.
But every time that i submit my app for a verification google responds me with this :
valuable inventory no content

My app opens in a “mother” Group that is composed of a market for smartsphones (like Olx) as the first “page” and the other’s pages (that are mother’s groups) are in hiding mode but all of them have at least 1 html block with the script of google adsense ( the html block is not in hide mode, his box of page load is marked and him is not inside of any RG or pop etc… but the html block are inside of “mother groups” that initially are hided )

The login page only appears if a person wants to create a advertise or speak with someone that has cretead a smartphone advertise.

Did some one had a similar problem with google adsense like me ?