Adobe document generation api

Hi all,

Is there anyone on here with experience linking the Adobe document generation api with their bubble application?
Really hope someone is available to help me out with this one! :slight_smile:

Cheers, Gerben

What is your use case?

Hi @redvivi

I’m building a software application where users can generate invoices for their customers. The Adobe api would be used in generating custom invoices for customers, which in turn get their information from my application.

Did you find a solution to your problems? I’m trying to add Adobe Api as well.

Hi @insalman360,

Unfortunately no solution in using Adobe PDF generation api has been found as of now… Currently, I’m using PDF Conjurer from @vini_brito, which works perfect!
But in order to have more customization, I’m still looking into adobe PDF API. If you can help with this, I’m more than happy to learn more!

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@gerben I tried using API, but it seems authentication is preferred as JSON Web Tokens for Enterprise solutions tools like Adobe. I will give a try using JWT, but it involves multiple calls for authentication and retrievals and then the desired tasks can be completed.

@insalman360 were you able to get this to work? :slight_smile:

From what I see, it seem you can authenticate using client_crendetials oAuth2. This mean you can use “Custom token” in Bubble to authenticate.

unfortunately not. I left in the middle as it was troubling a lot for the output I was trying to achieve. But I’m going to give another try in a few days.

and how do you do that? any tutorial to help it out?

We have details/how-to/screenshots of a similar approach here: Generate a PDF document from Bubble (Part 1)
Uses JSON and MS Word templates same as Adobe.