Connecting to Adobe Document Services API

Hello folks, I want to extract tables from pdf documents uploaded by users and save those as new things to a database. For this, I want to use Adobe PDF services API (Adobe API documentation here). However, I am new to this world of APIs and unable to find a way to correctly authenticate the connection from Bubble to Adobe. I also can’t find a way to upload a sample pdf to see if the response is correct. I am connecting through JSON Web Token (JWT), have a free trial to do 1000 conversions. Please see my current set up below. I get the error: “There was an issue setting up your call. Could not sign request token, check private key”

Can someone help me resolve this? Thanks!

Hi @platform1

Did you manage to fix this?


Hi Jon, not yet.

I will send you a DM if you are interested.

I need help in viewing the PDF using the Adobe Embeded API for document viewing.

I used the HTML element to place the HTML to view the pdf but the pdf flashes for a fraction of second then disappears. Unable to sort the issue. Any help would be appreciated