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For my beta - I’m interested in adding a banner advertisement on the bottom of the app. Has anyone done this before with Bubble?

Thank you

You can use an HTML element with the corresponding dimensions and add your Adsense script in it. It’s fairly simple to set it up.


Thank you for your response @paritosh.mehta19 .

Do you need to have a paid system with bubble before you can do this? I just tried signing up with AdSense and the URL I gave for Bubble came back with this error: URL must not have a path ( or subdomain ( This is the URL -

Thank you

When applying for adsense, you only provide your domain name, not any specific page/path.

For your above example, all you need to provide is

Also, please note, if your site doesn’t have enough original content, some of the necessary pages, etc. it might very likely be rejected by Google. Please follow the guidelines provided by Google when applying for your adsense account.

I’m having similar issues, although I did what you stated and it still rejected the domain, not on the grounds of content, but because they don’t accept sub-domains such as,, it must be

Note: Don’t click the link as they are only for example.

Yes. That’s correct. It doesn’t accept sub-domains too.

So, no you can’t have adverts on a “Hobby” plan, because in order to add a domain to your website you must have a purchased plan. So the example you provided is incorrect as it states that you can use your Bubble domain, in which, you can’t because they don’t allow sub-domain usage, and that pretty much what they recognize

Sorry, yes you are correct. I didn’t realize that before. I am on a personal plan with my own custom domain and so didn’t encounter the issue.

To further correct myself, I think we can add ads to sub-domains as well as long as the parent domain is approved. In the case of a hobby plan, we don’t have any controls on domain, and so I am not sure if you will be able to get an adsense account approval.

Yeah, just wanted to make sure that you know.

Thanks for pointing that out! Appreciated :slight_smile:

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