AdSense not approving bubble site

Hi everyone,
I’ve launched my new site ( a couple of weeks ago, and I want to add Google AdSense adverts to it to monetise it. I submitted an application on AdSense but it came back saying they had rejected my application due to low quality content.

My website is a Fantasy Premier League transfer planner, where users can connect to and plan their FPL team. It’s not a blog or news website, and so doesn’t really contain content, it’s more of a tool that users can use.

I resubmitted an application but I’ve got a bad feeling that it will get rejected again, and I’m not sure what I can do.

Has anyone else used AdSense and Bubble before? Or had a similar issue?

Thank you, Dylan :blush:

Did you provide them demo credentials? Either way, it’s exactly like they said, they want content. When the see the niche and traffic of a site, they aren’t interested just yet. Also not having any landing page is going to get you rejected regardless of traffic (not saying that the landing page will help you where the site is now, but it will have to be built to ever get approved).

Getting approved for Adsense is tough.

They won’t accept applications like yours. They look for multiple pages of content and without credentials your app is one page with no info on it.

I’d suggest finding an advertiser in your niche, tell them your traffic, and get a single banner add for a thousand bucks a month

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This sounds like a good alternative. Thanks :slight_smile:

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