Google AdSense Approval

Hey Bubble Community!

I’ve been working on a single-page application (SPA) and I’ve run into an interesting challenge that I hope some of you might have insights into. My application is primarily focused on news, which makes SEO and Google AdSense crucial for its success.

Bubble uses client-side rendering to my knowledge, this seems to present some difficulties when it comes to Google AdSense approval. It appears that the Google crawler interprets the application as devoid of content, even though there’s plenty of dynamic content present. This is presumably due to the way SPAs work, with much of the content loading dynamically.

Given that I can’t alter the default rendering method of, I’m seeking advice on strategies I could use to optimize my SPA for SEO and secure Google AdSense approval, while maintaining its current functionality. Has anyone else encountered this issue and found workable solutions? Any guidance regarding pre-rendering services, dynamic rendering, metadata optimization, or any other SEO techniques specific to would be greatly appreciated.

A thought of mine is to have the page that displays the news articles be its own page separate page outside of the SPA, would love to know if anyone thinks this could help too.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and experiences.


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