Google Adsense Implementation

I’m having issues implementing Google Adsense to my site. I’m trying to do it by pasting the add code into an HTML block on the page. But it’s just blank, no ads show up. I’m pretty sure my account is verified and everything. Is this the best way to do it? Am I missing something. I’ve tried looking at the page source code on the live site, just through Chrome, and I don’t see the ad code in there, which is a little strange. Anybody done this before?

Hi @deliriousmiles :slight_smile: I have not implemented Google Adsense before, but it looks like it’s possible! Here is a thread which discusses what you may need to get it up and running.

I have read this thread but it doesn’t really do much to help with implementation. I have added the code to an HTML block already and nothing shows up, it is blank. My app isn’t native and so has page navigation. I am just trying to add an ad to the index page. Besides placing ad code in the html box, do I need to do anything else?

Here is what the ad code looks like in the HTML box that I’m using (numbers changed):

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I’m not sure if this is right, but perhaps this would be considered a page-level ad? If so, here is more information:

If you scroll towards the bottom, the code snippet has another line in there which is:
“enable_page_level_ads: true”

Maybe that will do it? :slight_smile:

If not, this forum thread states that there are two stages to the Adsense approval process. One for the Adsense account itself, and one after placing the adcode on your website. It might be worth it to ask here as well:!topic/adsense/iTAiLwe9oeM;context-place=forum/adsense

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It’s not a page level ad. But maybe you’re right about it just not being approved yet…? Anyone else successfully implement Adsense on Bubble?

am waiting for this as well

Did anyone get an answer to this?

If you dont want to get involved with console to start diagnosing then the best method to start your fault finding is by adding #googleads or #google_ia_debug to the end of your URL. You will start to get an idea based on the result. if there is no change at all, the code is wrong or wrongly implemented but if its a bad ad config, blocked content/domain or unverified accounts then this sort of this should appear,

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