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Hi! I’m trying to create a multiple choice question app, as shown in the image:

When the user clicks on an alternative, the app shows the next question. In order to advance to the next question, I create a workflow as shown in the image, doing a “search for Questions: item #”.

However, how do I tell Bubble that I want to advance to the next item (next question) on the database, without having to specify the item number?


Hey! First off, it looks like you have each question on its own dynamic page. Right?

You may see an increase in app speed if you utilize the repeating group element and just keep the whole test/quiz on one page.

With that, the repeating group if set to fixed number of cells, will allow you to use the show next item workflow.

Hey mac2, thanks for your answer.

Yes, I have each question on its own dynamic page. That would be important to keep, as the questions + choices could be a bit long, and I don’t think it would be a good idea to have the whole quiz on one page. I’m trying to replicate this design:

Do you have any ideas on how I could approach it?


Hi Gabriel!

On length of page

  • Just as an fyi. You can have super long pages (30k 40k pixels height or more… ). That is not a problem in Bubble. What you do is you stack groups vertically, have them all hidden and collapsed when hidden, and make them visible as you need them with custom states or url parameters
  • This would help you navigate from question to question faster and with easier logic

How to advance to the next item

  • Setup an index logic where you add +1 for every new question. An instead of manually coding #2 or #3 or #4 etc you replace the hardcoded number with a dynamic expression that uses your dynamic +1 expression
  • Setup navigation or visibility accordingly
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