Dynamic data from adjacent cells in a database

Hey there Bubble Community,

I need a little help with creating some dynamic data from my database for my quiz app.

I would like two dynamic data texts on one page.

The first would take the text from a random cell in a column of the database I have imported into bubble. (This is the trivia questions column).

Then I am going to have a reveal answer button, which when clicked will reveal the answer to the question. The answer is always going to be one cell to the right in the database.

For example if the random question was taken from cell A14, the answer would be in cell B14.

I can make a random question and random answer to appear but I haven’t worked out how to make the second dynamic data text (the answer) to match the first dynamic data ( the randomly selected question).

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Wouldn’t a question have an answer? If so, in the dB add a field of type “answer” to the “question”. Doing this you have connected both data types and all of their future entries (if populated).

Later you can decide how and where to show this related dB information on the front end.